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The Basics of tracking:

The two most common forms of GPS tracking are 'active' and 'passive'.  Passive devices store GPS location, speeds, and headings directly on the device itself.  Once removed from the asset being tracked the data is downloaded from the unit via a computer for evaluation.  Simply put, the passive unit tells you exactly where it
has been in the world.

Active devices collect the same information, but are much more advanced, transmitting live data real-time using cellular or satellite networks to a computer server.  The server can then be accessed by the user to determine the unit's exact location, as well as other attributes.  These active units will tell you exactly where they
are from a remote location such as a computer or phone.

What can I track?

The most common question asked of us holds the simplest answer:
anything, anywhere, anytime!  If it can physically hold a device, we have a unit to suit your needs.  Devices can be hard wired into an already existing power source for vehicle applications or supplied with rechargeable battery packs for personal protection and cargo use.  Specific uses have few limits as products have become smaller and more advanced.  The most common applcations include vehicles, stolen vehicle recovery, kids and loved ones, patients, boats, trailers, surveillance, high risk offenders, pets, trailers, cargo and even mail.  Commercial fleet uses include rental companies, trucking companies, cab companies, hospitality and insurance.

Why do I need your service?

Primarily to help find what is lost or stolen with ease and accuracy and to provide the peace of mind that comes with having the knowledge of where something is or was at all times. 

Commercial uses are a wise investment for cutting costs, planning routes, securing goods and keeping employees honest.

What do I do if something is stolen or lost that is equipped with ACTIVE TRACKING?

If the item was stolen call police immediately
and inform them the asset was equipped with a GPS tracking unit.  You can then log into your account and trace the unit's exact location using our website and inform them of its current location by street address, mapping views or coordinates.  You can also find out if the unit is in motion and it's direction, speed, and route.

Is it complicated?

No.  The technology has evolved to the point that active tracking units are small, easy to install and have software based on the most popular current online mapping.  All that is required is a username and password associated with your tracking account.  Passive units are even easier as they are self-contained and require no account.