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WorldTracker GAT

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The WorldTracker GAT (Global Asset Tracker) is a new idea in rechargeable tracking technology.  The device is small, has no recurring fees and lasts up to 3 years properly configured in standby mode.  It is designed to function as a last resort tracking unit, activated and located only when your asset is missing or stolen.

This device can be easily placed or hidden in a vehicle or other asset.  It's deployed with a prepaid SIM card with no monthly fees.  Programmed for easy and automatic updates even when inactive, the Global Asset Tracker allows access for a limited time (5min) every day or week to receive GPS data.  Only when needed, the customer requests activation of the account to view location.  Battery life is ultimately dependent upon tracking intervals; see chart below for more information.

Quad mode capabilities allow the GAT to be activated and operated from anywhere in the world, over land, sea or air.  Once activated, our mapping software will allow you to find your unit.

The WorldTracker GAT can be upgraded with a case and 18amp/hr battery pack that extends the GAT's charge time to an astounding 7 years when used correctly.
  Ask for details.

Battery Life

Typical Battery Life
Stand Alone GAT Device
With Optional Battery Pack
With External Sensors
3 Years
7 Years
Auto Activate Weekly
1 Year
5 Years
Auto Activate Daily
4 Months
3 Years

  • 90.5mm x 39mm x 15.5mm (3.56" x 1.53" x .61")
  • Operating Temperature Range -25 to +70 degC
  • Quad-Band GSM Transceiver 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Built In Active High Performance GPS Antenna
  • 3.7 Volt Li-ion Battery With Optional High Power Lithium Batteries and Waterproof Housing.
  • Super Low Battery Use In Deep Sleep Mode (Low Power Timer On) (Up to 3 Years With 3.7V/960mA Battery)
  • 18 Pin Mini Multi I/O Connector
  • One Digital Input (0 to 60VDC)
  • One Analog Digital Input (3.3VDC)
  • Built In Motion Detector
  • 5.000 Location/Activations Messages Can Be Saved
  • Timer Circuit Can Wake Up Unit By Time or Any Configured Time or Date.
  • Panic Button
  • Unit can be activated from deep sleep mode using Panic Button, wire connection (will activate the unit when wire is broken or cut), or when closed loop is opened.
  • Low Battery and GPS LED Indicators

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